We came away saying “WOW!…WOW!” It was HUGE!

“Not one person I ministered to all day
said ‘No’ to receiving Jesus, or to recommitting their life to Him!” -Mike Dowling

They started coming @9am, though the fair didn’t open till 11. 2 girls who just met but acted like best friends came by. One was working at a kid’s tent. Michael Laird asked if they’d like Destiny Readings, & God gave him something for each. When asked if they knew they’d be with Jesus if they died, one shared memories of a missions camp following her mom’s death. “I had to find something better than the bottle…alcohol can’t give you hugs.” In this simple way she gave testimony to her new friend!

A mother and her young daughter who came in the morning returned later bringing two other friends for ministry.

4 students from Thailand with Buddhist backgrounds heard the Gospel for the VERY first time after being surprised by the accurate words of knowledge (1Cor 12:8) spoken by the ministry team.

The Lord brought MANY to our tent to be saved. There was much healing & forgiveness of past abuses. Thank God for all the ministry teams from SF congregations and around the Bay who tirelessly labored hour after hour sharing Christ’s love.

“One of the first women to receive healing prayer left weeping and hugged me gratefully. Another came back several hour later, wanting to thank the team that had ministered to her. People were lining up outside all day long!”

So many were willing to get involved in prayer, finance, hands on set-up & clean-up, tent ministry to hundreds of visitors, behind the scenes intercession, + all the details! But the greatest blessing was seeing believers from so many different parts of the Body of Christ sitting side-by-side, ministering TOGETHER to bring in the harvest of souls! It was wonderful.